Love + Loss


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Hentai A veritable hit parade Love + Loss is probably ASDR's best release yet. Besides the Glass Wall highlight tracks include Futsuu no Koi no Uta, Just Another Day, and my personal favorite Over. Favorite track: Over.
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Ryukrieger This album is just good. There are many good songs in this album, but my favourite is definitely Glass Wall! Favorite track: Glass Wall.
Pulse Tunes
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Pulse Tunes I love this entire album. I can't truly chose between blue.exe and Glass Wall as a favorite, but I'm loving everything! I'm so glad I found out about this album! The music is very well done. Favorite track: blue.exe.
Christian Krautwald
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Christian Krautwald Love Glass Wall, The first time I heard it was at Lady Gaga's concert. Really well done! Favorite track: Glass Wall.
nostraightanswer (Kenji-B)
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nostraightanswer (Kenji-B) Besides working on the album myself, this is a huge sign of improvement for everyone who worked on the songs within. Favorite track: Glass Wall.


[02:25:13] Peach: [24 February 2014 20:46] Peach:

<<< Welled with feeling of Love and Loss.
Are you warm or covered in frost?
Melt you way through with heart-filled songs.
Become a fan, our love belongs.


released March 1, 2014

Project Lead: VocaPeach (PeachyP)
Sequencer: nostraightanswer (KenjiB)



all rights reserved


ASDR Northern Ireland, UK

ASDR (short for AssembleSynthesizeDirectRelay) is a conglomerate of VOCALOID and UTAU users and producers that aim to please.

All proceeds are donated to who help prevent suicide.

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Track Name: フツウのコイの歌 (Futsuu no Koi no Uta)
I gaze at you, you don't gaze back
I smile at you, you don't smile back
I frown at you, you don't frown back
Ah, why is it that you don't react?
You look at me with white eyes
An empty face, expressionless
You don't return my feelings for you
I wonder if it's because you died...

Ah, how I remember vividly
How I cut, dorodoro
my knife through your veins
oh how you stared
Ah, I will never forget
the aroma of
your sweet red blood
you were all over me

The date was february the 14th
the motive was clearly love
you understood, why i called you out
but you misinterpreted my intent
waiting in our club room
I sat, pondering what to say
how I would convey to you
that I would make you of my own

You came in through the door
wearing your usual smile
I waved at you with my left had
for the right hid a knife behind my back
your pulse veins, your knee throats,
your abdomen, your thorax
With perfectly aimed swings I cut through them all
And with one last, i severe your head

Had I told you, maybe things would have gone differently.
With a smile on your face, you'd have accepted me,
before I would've happily...
once again, once again
take your life, take your life

Crushing you skull with a brick
Poisoning you with sweet Chocolate
Piercing you with a pike
Tearing you apart with a torture rack
Yes, I'd do it again, without hesitation
But unfortunatly I can't, which makes me sad
You're fading away, or so it seems
So in my collection I put you
(Then, my next love interest is...)
Track Name: Hunter
I was flying like a bird
When my heart entered in your sight.
A bullet went through me in flight
Then, I felt a pressure.
I was soaring like a bird
When I have been shot down
You passed through me until the bone
Now I'm hurt forever
You're the hunter, the hunter of my heart
You're the hunter, the hunter of my heart.
I was falling like a bird
With a sliver trapped inside
You picked me up, thinking i died
With your hands of black leather
I was crashed down like a bird
'cause of a too heavy heart
Then you discarded me in dirt
Since, I'm decaying forever.
You're the hunter, the hunter of my heart
You're the hunter, the hunter of my heart.
Track Name: blue.exe

kimi wo mitsukeru tame ni, kako no boku wo nageutta
In order to find you, I threw away the past me

ノ釥ッ。「ノ釥ッ。「アッ、キ、ッシナ、キ、ッノォ、゚、ヒノ・fukaku, fukaku, kanashiku sabishiku iromi ni shizumu
Sinking into a deep, deep, sad and lonely hue

エホ、ホテ・ヒメ侃ト、ア、ソ。「ユ贏、ヒ。「シνョ、ハ誧、、、・tsugi no inochi ni mitsuketa, shinsei ni, junsui na negai wo
In a next life I found it, this genuine, pure wow

omote no shita ni, dokonimo mieru dake no wa sono "BURU-"
Under the surface, everywhere that I can see is only this "BLUE"



セ、ホヨミ、ヒ、タ、・ォ、ャメ侃ィ、・「ジ、ホトソ、ヒミエ、・kimi no naka ni dareka ga mieru, boku no me ni utsuru
Inside of you I can see someone, reflecting into my eyes

懃、ワ、キ、ソクミヌ鬢ヌミト、ネノ﨓螟ャ我、・・horoboshita kanjou de kokoro to karada ga kawaru
With those destroyed feelings, my heart and body change

kedo muri da, sutareta boku no kachi wa muryoku
But it's no use, the obsolete me's only victory is powerlessness

dokonimo mieru no wa, "ERA-" dake da
There's only "ERROR", everywhere that I can see


ラヤキヨ、ホクッ、テ、ソノ﨓螟ヌジ、マ牡、・・jibun no kurutta karada de boku wa kowareru
I collapsed under the weight of my own decaying body

nasake wo kakenaide, sonna me de minaide
I don't want your pity, don't look at me like this

yamete, naze kimi no me kara namida ga kobosu?
Stop, why are you crying?

hidoku itakatta, aoi sekai ga
This blue world has hurt me so much

BURU- kara kimi no koe de mezameta
Your voice awoke me from the deep blue

atarashii sekai wo mi shita
You showed me a new world

BURU-dake ga inaku,
There is no longer just "blue"

カ爨、ノォコマ、、、ホ瓶ソユ、ヒノ・ooi iroai no jikuu ni shizumu
I dive into a space-time of many hues

Because of you,
I can now see,
Because of you,
I am now free,
Free to live with my own wish,
Free of death's eternal kiss
Free of errors crashing me,
Free of monochromity,
Because of you,
I can now keep
Promises you made to me,
I'm free to live with my own wish,
Free of death's eternal kiss
Free of errors crashing me,
Free of monochromity,

kimi ga kureta sekai de shiawase datta
In the world you gave me, I was happy

atokata mo naku, naze kimi ga kieta?
Why did you vanish, without leaving a trace?

maru de nanimo nakatta
"As if nothing ever happened,"

moto ni modotte, kurikaeshi, mata kono basho e
"I return, endlessly, to this place again"

koko ni mata hitorikiri de
Alone in here again

ソユ、テ、ン、ハ・ヌゥ`・ソ、ヌセ、ャネ・・karappo na DE-TA de kimi ga iru
In the hollow data, you still lie

Kimi no na wo yobe, onegai, kotaete
I call your name, I beg of you, answer me

blue screen no "sayounara" dake wa "ERA-"...
The sole "farewell" of the blue screen was an "ERROR"...
Track Name: Over
It's a game that nobody needs to play
Cause it just gets in the way
Yeah, it just gets in the way
Taking love till there's none to give away
Yeah, there's none to give away

Now we stab, till the heart bleeds nothing more
Till we reach the final score
And we're empty to the core
Tell me now, will we be forever more
Once we see what's left in store
For us

It's just
Time for a change
No one's meant to live this way
We're too torn
I can't save this any more

We just took, never borrowed, never asked
Probably why it wouldn't last
Still you'll never leave my past
Sorry's, would keep repeating

None to blame, cause we never had a chance
So let's never even glance
At this promise that can't stand
Our love, lost all it's feeling

Now we're just a grudge

It's just
Time for a change
No one's meant to live this way
We're too torn
I can't save this any more

Why don't I
Let this go
I swear I've tried for so long
But you still take hold

Time for a change
No one's meant to live this way
We're too torn
I can't save this any more
Track Name: Glass Wall
Verse 1:
Can you see me?
The pixels on your screen
My voice that can reach you
The one thing that breaks through
The words that you type
They keep me warm at night
But why can't I feel you
To be there, just us two

If I could break through
Just for a day
Less than 2 inches from you
yet so far away
But this glass wall between us
won't keep us apart
I will sing out my heart
Just for you, my love

Verse 2:
The sound of your voice
Reaches through the noise
The bits of your words
They make up my world
But we're two worlds apart
My code, and your heart
But you'll be there for me
I'll be here, through your screen
Track Name: Just Another Day
It's just another day
A day of being lost and forgot
Without anyone to guide me
Just me by myself

How I wish I could be noticed
People's hearts are dull to see
If only I saw beyond
But I'm just a forgotten girl
That lives for no reason

I can try to be noticed
I can give it my all
But in the end
I'm just another bother

Who am I
These words resound in my head
What I am
I really don't have a clue

Just another day

Why am I breathing?
Why do I keep going?
It there is no point
In being alive

"I have no reason
To stay in this world"

But even though I said those words
I keep on going
I keep on being alive

Even if I'm just a lonely girl

I keep holding on
Still praying
Still believing
I might have a chance

But what is this life
If in solitude?
This I asked myself
And everyday I lost myself a bit

~~~key & melody change~~~

But then one day I met you
While walking through the park
After school
I saw you by the big oak tree

You looked at me and smiled,
Came near, began to speak
Those joyful words of yours

"What are you doing?"
"Why are you sad?"
Was the first time I heard that

You told me to be happy
Though you barely knew me at all
You were trying to comfort me
But I didn’t comprehend

In glooming sadness I told you
There was nothing to be happy about
But you wouldn't understand me
You should've not paid attention to me


Tears of happiness began to fall
As you told me your story,
told me to be happy
Holding me tightly

After all these years
These never-ending years
I found someone like me

"Would you like to spread true happiness with me?"

And as I understood these words
My heart was filled with joy
As I let out a smile

As the warm breeze came in
Tightly gripping the jacket you gave
You came near, I beamed at you
And so I went with you

Just another day
Track Name: 傲慢な少年の愛 (Loving An Arrogant Boy)
That gentle hand
That skinny person
Held my hand

For a moment
I felt happy
But such feelings ran away
with the wind

You’re really proud
You’re a bit arrogant
I should have known, shouldn’t I?
But your dark eyes
And your Grecian hair
You were the perfect muse

Why, oh why,
Do you only love onstage?
How, oh how,
Can you ignore me
Really, I am a useless girl

I’ve known you for a while
But now, I don’t know you anymore
“You’re not my friend,” he said to my friend (to tell me)
Then my heart broke

Why, oh why
Do I still love your voice?
I hate, I hate it
Your arrogance
But my heart still hurts
I deserve better
But my heart still hurts…
Track Name: Unspoken Words
Song & Lyrics: Aval!a
Art: Aval!a
Track Name: Cailíní I Grá
There was a young maiden from County Kildare,
With a body so graceful with flowers in her hair,
All the boys sought for her with a ring in their hand,
Denied them did she, for she did not like man.

Now, I'll tell a story,
I'll tell you the truth,
She met a young lassy,
Who came from Maynooth.
She held out her hand and offered a kiss,
grabbed did she and gave into the bliss.